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The Old Republic


Of the Star Wars Prequels

Young Palpatine grew up in awe of the majesty, the chivalry and the nobility of the Jedi and, especially, the elite Council of the Jedi Knights, led by Yoda and other Jedi Masters. However, none of the Jedi Masters believed Palpatine was ready for the rigors of Jedi training until he had proven himself. Eager to become a Jedi as soon as possible, Palpatine worked his way up through the political ranks on Coruscant and was eventually elected to the Senate. In the Senate, Palpatine proved to be a brilliant senator with a keen eye for diplomacy. He fell in love with another young senator named Mon Mothma and after a whirlwind romance they were wed. Bail Organa served as Palpatine's best man.

Meanwhile, a large contingent of Sith warriors attacked the aquatic world of Mon Calamari and enslaved the native population. The Sith turned Mon Calamari into a slave planet. During this attack, the Sith killed the entire Ackbar family except for young Ackbar and his brother.

Palpatine became intoxicated with the vast power he had obtained by becoming a member of the Republic Senate. He no longer had aspirations of training with the Jedi, even after they asked him to train at the Jedi Academy. Palpatine had already taught himself a great deal about the ways of the Force. All he needed now was the help of the dark Jedi, but the problem was finding a contact that could get him access to the hidden circle of the dark Jedi. Palpatine would bear a grunge against the Jedi and patiently waited for the day that he would have the last laugh.

Upon learning that the Sith had enslaved Mon Calamari, the Republic summoned the Jedi to oust the Sith from this area of the Republic. With each new attack on the Republic, the Sith became bolder and bolder. Anakin's father volunteered to join the Jedi strike force that would help the Jedi free Mon Calamari. A few Mandalorian super commandos also volunteered to help the Republic defeat the Sith. In a spectacular battle, the Jedi, the Mandalorian and the Republic forces defeated the Sith at the Battle of Mon Calamari. It was an intense battled that utilized the most advanced amphibious cruisers and fighters that the Jedi, the Mandalorian and the Republic could muster.

While searching the various slave quarters for survivors, Anakin's father felt the presence of a Force flow that was as powerful as the Force flows resonating from the great Jedi Masters. The Force flow was emanating from Young Kenobi, who was hiding in a corner of the slave quarter. Kenobi was delivering a shipment of raw materials to Mon Calamari when the Sith had invaded. Anakin's father befriended the young Kenobi and convinced Kenobi to return with him to Tatooine to learn the ways of the Force.

The corrupt and slothful nature of the Republic's ruling elite and its bureacracy infuriated many members of the Senate. Tarkin constantly argued in the Senate that the Republic was foolish for relying so heavily on the Jedi for protection. One of the Hutt senators wanted the Republic to invest heavily in a large naval fleet. However, since the Jedi had successfully protected the Republic for over 1,000 generations, the majority of the Senate thought the these senators were too aggressive.

During missions to Rancute, Dantooine and Chrorpri, Kenobi quickly proved to Anakin's father that Kenobi was one of the Republic's greatest star pilots. At Yoda's insistence, the Jedi Council invited young Anakin to visit the Jedi Academy. At Yoda's Jedi Academy, Anakin amazed the venerable Jedi Knights with his control and discipline using the Force. He was for his age the most powerful user of the Force in the galaxy and would mature into the most powerful Jedi the galaxy would ever know

The Sith continued to antagonize the Republic's star systems by disrupting Republic trade routes and by raiding and pirating Republic star systems. The Senate refused to act on the pleas of Needa and his supporters that the Republic must declare an all-out war on the Sith.

Palpatine, Needa, Veers and Tarkin realized that most of the current leaders of the Republic did not have the courage to return the Republic to the zenith of its glory days. They were all to comfortable with their plush and exorbitant life styles and did not favor change. Something had to be done to save the Republic from its ruling elite and Palpatine firmly believed it was his destiny to one day rule the Republic with an iron fist. Palpatine realized that to achieve his objectives he must master the darkside of the Force.

Jedi training is both slow and laborious, but this was still the greatest moment of Kenobi's life. He would seize this opportunity and become a great Jedi Master no matter how much training he would have to endure. Anakin's father taught Kenobi as much as he could about the Force. When Anakin's father thought Kenobi was ready for Yoda, Kenobi left Tatooine to learn the ways of the Force at Yoda's Jedi Academy. After Kenobi left Tatooine, Anakin arrived back from his adventures with the Jedi and bragged of his exploits to his family. Anakin and Kenobi would not meet until Anakin was a great star pilot.

By ordering his forces to destroy an unarmed Republic science-research space station, Needa framed the Sith and hoped this incident would spark a galactic-wide war. However, the leaders of the Republic were too frightened by the prospects of yet another galactic war. Instead, the Republic sent ambassadors to the Sith star system to seek a negotiated peace. Jabba the Hutt plotted to sabotage these negotiations . . .

While the peace talks were underway and making progress, Governor Veers hired a group of nefarious, renegade mercenaries to assassinate both the Republic and Mandalorian ambassadors. The mercenaries succeeded in killing both-sides ambassadors. The Sith leaders were outraged by the Republic's apparent deceit; likewise, the Republic leaders were outraged. Fighting broke out between the SIth and the Republic forces in the Sith star system.

Desperate to avoid another galactic-wide war, the Jedi (with Kenobi) arrived to settle the conflict. The Jedi managed to bring a truce until the assassinations could be investigated by the Jedi. The Jedi could not discover who the culprits were. No longer able to trust the Republic, the Sith declared war on the Republic and sought out other star systems to join their alliance. The Jedi were sworn to protect the Republic. The galaxy splintered into many factions and the next galactic war was underway . . .

With tremendous hatred and total impatience, Palpatine quickly mastered the darkside of the Force under the teachings of the evil dark Jedi's tutelage. The dark Jedi told Palpatine that it was Palpatine's destiny to crush the Jedi and to rule the galaxy as its sole dictator. Palpatine returned to the Senate and kept his mastery of the darkside a secret from all his friends, allies and peers. Lusting for more and more power, Palpatine used dark Jedi mind tricks to win over the weak-minded members of the Senate. The elite rulers of the Republic were stunned and confounded by Palpatine's unprecedented surge in popularity.

In great battles, hundreds of Jedi and Republic troops fought against hundreds of the Sith Dark Jedi and their mysterious allies. Each side suffered tremendous losses.

The Mandalorian scientists made a breakthrough in cloning technology. For the first time, sentient life forms could be safely cloned. The leaders of the Republic were torn on how to morally utilize this great technology. Needa argued for the mass replication of troops to bring a swift end to the war. However, the Jedi firmly refused to permit any cloning of sentient life forms. In a very narrow vote, the Senate permanently banned the use of cloning as a military weapon and made arrangements to permanently hide this dangerous, new technology. The Mandalorian were outraged and defected from the Republic and declared war on the Republic.

Jabba the Hutt and his followers were outraged because the Republic was foolish enough to place mere morality ahead of a certain and swift victory over the Sith. Tarkin could take no more. He ordered his agents to secretly copy the blueprints to this new cloning technology by any means necessary. Under the advice of the evil dark Jedi, Palpatine chose to mass clone dark Jedi and troops to create a massive army to eventually oppose his adversaries. It would take years for Palpatine's plan to be completed, but he could afford to wait. The dark Jedi could foresee that the Jedi would defeat the Mandalorians; however, the Jedi would be so weakened and so absent from much of the Republic during the war that Palpatine would be able to successfully complete his evil plan to seize control of the Senate, then the Republic and. eventually, the entire galaxy.

On a base built inside a giant comet traveling through the Khivisk star system, the Mandalorian scientists were secretly trying to perfect the cloning technology to provide the Mandalorian with the military advantage they so desperately needed. Knowing that if the Mandalorian used this devastating technology to mass clone super commandos, the Mandalorian would be at a tremendous military advantage, the Jedi and the Republic amassed a large armada to destroy this large asteroid base. In the largest battle of the war so far, Kenobi and Anakin's father helped lead thousands of star fighters and cruisers to victory. The comet was destroyed and miles and miles of star fighter and cruiser debris floated around what remained of the shell that was once an incredibly large asteroid base. This was a stunning defeat for the Mandalorian, but the war was not over. It would drag on for years. Back on the Republic home world, Kenobi and the other Jedi and Republic warriors were rewarded for their valor. While the Jedi and the Republic were at their zenith, they both would soon be brought to their knees and destroyed . . .

EPISODE 2: Lord of the Empire
The exciting Star Wars saga continues as the Clone Wars begin and Anakin Skywalker continues his path to the dark side of the Force . . .
EPISODE 3: Dark Times for the Force
Palpatine has taken control of the Republic, Anakin has become the fearsome Lord Darth Vader and the Jedi become all but extinct in this the final installment of the prequels . . .